C&I Energy Storage Market Continues to Explode


Current Trends:

The energy storage landscape will see significant installation growth and technological advances through 2024. Energy storage has been identified as critical to ensuring reliable and stable local electricity markets, as the world seeks to meet its energy transition goals.

CFGE ESS Solutions

Residential ESS

  • 3.6kw/ 5kw hybrid inverter with 4.8kwh/ 9.6kwh lithium-ion scalable battery module


  • All-in-one Solutions
  • Platform for PV+ESS 50KW/100KWh Euro
  • High Energy Density 100KW/215KWh

Utility Scale

  • Lead 300Ah/314Ah Liquid Cool Platform
  • 3.76/4/5MWh
  • RJE Tech/Gotion cell option
  • Utility Energy Storage System (Liquid Cooled) – 3.72MWh / 4MWh Solutions
  • Battery Cell: 280Ah for 3.72MWh, 300Ah for 4MWh, 314Ah for 5MWh* (Using 1P104S large pack)
  • Electrical Design: Pack 1P52S, 8 Packs Series, 10 Cluster total
  • Voltage Range: Rated 1331.2VDC, 1164.8-1497.6VDC


Implications for the Industry:

  • Battery cell companies move from “rolled” battery cells to “rolled” systems
  • The technology of choice for Solar-based ESS
  • C&I ESS will maintain high prosperity in 2024
  • With the tightening of grid connection and dispatch, new electrochemical energy storage technologies (such as grid-scale energy storage and liquid-cooled PCS) have been implemented.
  • Other new energy storage systems, including vanadium liquid flow and compressed air, will move rapidly from demonstration projects to large-scale applications.

Changfeng Green Energy sees abundant opportunities for growth and innovation as the energy storage market continues to explode.

About CFGE

Changfeng Green Energy is a high-tech enterprise that has provided C&I energy storage systems, PV solar combiner boxes, and photovoltaic system integration. With a priority sense of satisfaction through high-quality products and services, we have ensured energy system solutions since 2007.

Currently, we serve China National Power Investment, CGN, Datang, Huaneng, Huadian, and other national power generation groups, as well as private photovoltaic companies and EPC contractors.

We pursue to deliver China-made in each detail, our [Killer] ESS product is 215kWH, with Liquid Cooling, for Industrial and Commercial use. Meet Changfeng Green Energy – the new Smart Solar PV & ESS Pioneer revolutionizing the market by serving your needs well.

We are always on the path to #PowerUpTheWorld, so let’s continue to work toward this goal together!

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