Solar PV Sector

Solar PV Module Optimizer

Solar PV Sector

Solar PV Module Optimizer


Addressing inconsistent output due to series-connected components (bucket effect) resulting in low power generation
Changfeng Green Energy gathered a group of professionals in the field of intelligent photovoltaic to provide intelligent security protection for improving the power generation efficiency of distributed power stations, reducing operation and maintenance costs, and maintaining the property security of photovoltaic power stations.


Be used for various shading scenarios and orientations to further increasing power generation.
Asset 50

Increase in power generation capacity

Module-level maximum power point tracking (MPPT) can increase power generation by 5% to 25%.
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Real-time monitoring of the operation status of each photovoltaic module allows for timely detection of issues and precise troubleshooting.
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Stable and reliable communication

Using photovoltaic cables or power line carrier communication eliminates the need for additional communication cables.

Specification Parameters

Maximum input power600W
Maximum input voltage80V
MPPT voltage range8-80V
Maximum input current15A
Maximum current output17A
System voltageSystem voltage
Peak conversion efficiency99.5%
Installation specifications dimensions105*105*20mm
Input 70cm / Output 100cm
ConnectorMC4 or MC4 compatible
Operating temperature range-40℃ ~ +85℃
Level of protectionIP68
Communication modeN/A
Product certificationTUV
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