ESS (Energy Storage System)

Outdoor Distributed Energy Storage System (Liquid Cooled)

ESS (Energy Storage System)

Outdoor Distributed Energy Storage System (Liquid Cooled)


Features include peak shaving, emergency backup, and grid balancing, ensuring versatile applications.
By highly integrating energy storage batteries, BMS, pcs, fire protection, energy management , communication, and control systems, we have created two products of liquid-cooled energy storage, 344kwh and 380kwh, which can differentiate to meet customer needs. These products have flexible deployment, quick response, and high reliability, while also possessing functions such as peak shaving and filling, power expansion, emergency backup power, grid balancing, and capacity management to meet a variety of distributed scenario requirements.

Application Scenario





Principle Topology

Specification Parameters

DescriptionSpecificationProduct Type: CF – LES – 200K 344LCProduct Type: CF – LES – 200K 380LC
Battery SpecificationBattery Specification280 ah, LFP Battery300 ah, Lfp Battery
Wiring Type1P384S (1P 48Sx8 )1P396S (1P 44Sx9)
Rated Energy344 kWh380 kWh
Battery Working Voltage Range1075.2 ~ 1382.4 Vdc1108.8 ~ 1425.6 Vdc
Rated Voltage1228.8 Vdc1267.2 Vdc
AC SpecificationWorking Voltage Range690 vac + 15%690 vac + 15%
Rated Voltage Frequency172 kW190 kW
Rated AcCurrent144A159A
Power Factor Range-1~+1-1~+1
Harmonic Factor Output Range< 3 %< 3 %
Software FunctionPeak CutIncludeInclude
Utility Grid-Connect/disconnectIncludeInclude
System SpecificationWeight3.8 t4.1 t
W×D×H (MM)1300×1300×2530 (WxDxH)1300×1300×2530 (WxDxH)
Isolation MethodNot IsolatedNot Isolated
Wiring Type3 l + PE3 l + PE
System Efficiency92 % (Charge/discharge Efficiency)92 % (Charge/discharge Efficiency)
System Life Cycle6000 cycles (DOD 90% soc 80% Remains)6000 cycles (DOD 90% soc 80% Remains)
Communication PortModbus TCP, rs 485, can, lanModbus TCP, rs 485, can, lan
Operating Temperature20°C~55°C
(>45°C Derating)
(>45°C Derating)
Humidity0 ~ 95% rh
(Non – condensing)
0 ~ 95% RH
(Non – condensing)
Altitude< 3000 m
(>3000 m Derating)
< 3000 m
(>3000 m Derating)
Cooling MethodLiquid CoolingLiquid Cooling
Fire ControlPerfluoroPerfluoro
Protection ClassIP55IP55
Anti-corrosion ClassC 3C 3
Install LocationOutdoorOutdoor
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