Thank you for visiting Changfeng Green Energy at SNEC 2023!

Thank you for visiting Changfeng Green Energy at SNEC PV Power Expo 2023! We actively participated in the SNEC 2023 held in Shanghai, CHINA from 24-26 May.

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We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our valued visitors who stopped by our booth at SNEC in Shanghai. Our sales team was absolutely thrilled to be able to showcase our products and vision to such an engaged and enthusiastic audience of professionals from around the world.

The event offered an excellent opportunity for us to increase our visibility and build brand awareness. Visitors were impressed by Changfeng Green Energy’s products and the dedication of our team members. We showcased sustainable energy solutions such as Household Energy Storage Inverters, Liquid Cooled ESS, Battery Plug Systems, etc., providing each visitor with more information to help power up the world.

Insist on technological innovation and respond to green double carbon. Changfeng Green Energy will continue to move forward with the industry and witness the development and future of energy storage.

About CFGE

Changfeng Green Energy is a high-tech enterprise that has provided C&I energy storage systems, PV solar combiner boxes, and photovoltaic system integration. With a priority sense of satisfaction through high-quality products and services, we have ensured energy system solutions since 2007.

Currently, we serve China National Power Investment, CGN, Datang, Huaneng, Huadian, and other national power generation groups, as well as private photovoltaic companies and EPC contractors.

We pursue to deliver China-made in each detail, our [Killer] ESS product is 215kWH, with Liquid Cooling, for Industrial and Commercial use. Meet Changfeng Green Energy – the new Smart Solar PV & ESS Pioneer revolutionizing the market by serving your needs well.

We are always on the path to #PowerUpTheWorld, so let’s continue to work toward this goal together!


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