Join Changfeng Green Energy at EESA EXPO 2023

Changfeng Green Energy (CFGE) is going to participate in the coming EESA EXPO. Which is the 2nd China International Energy Storage Exhibition, held from August 30th to September 1st in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, CHINA.

Changfeng Green Energy Models on Display (Partial) at EESA

215kWh outdoor distributed energy storage system – liquid cooling

  • Liquid cooling thermal management method, limit temperature difference control, creating a comfortable operating environment for the battery;
  • Modular design, efficient integration, flexible expansion, easy and convenient to transport and install;
  • High-quality battery, high safety fire protection, and other multiple protection, together to create high-safety products;
  • Perfect equipment control and scheduling strategy, intelligent operation, and maintenance to maximize the value of the product.

Stacked Household Energy Storage Battery Cabinet

With its modular stacking design and flexible, on-demand intelligent BMS management system, the CFGE-T10 provides intelligent solutions for the energy life of the home.

Household Energy Storage Integrated Machine

The CFGE-5K-L10 is an all-in-one solar and energy storage solution. It integrates the inverter, battery charger, UPS function, and batteries into a pre-wired modular system for quick and easy installation. It can be installed indoors or outdoors to suit different environments with its compact and elegant appearance and IP55 design.

Solar PV DC Combiner Box

  • One of the only two TÜV Rheinland DC1500V certified combiner box brands in China;
  • The first DC1500V converter box product certified by TÜV Rheinland;
  • The only patented “No Breakpoint Connection” technology in China, which reduces the main circuit connection point to 1, reduces the heat generated in the box by 75%, and improves the reliability of the product by 4 times;
  • Standard with branch circuit power and total power detection, for operation and maintenance personnel to improve power plant power generation provides an effective way, and power data is permanently stored, and can be manually deleted.

AC Box

A smart home PV power plant consists of various components, including PV power generators, converters, grid feeders, energy storage, backup power, etc. The various components work in different forms of subordination under different weather conditions, different times of the day and different load conditions. The PV home intelligent magic product coordinates the work of the whole system by integrating the power distribution circuit, protection circuit, smart meter, smart gateway, and IoT controller as the intelligent control center of the whole system.

Grid-connected PV Distribution Box

  • Safe and reliable, beautiful and fashionable, outdoor wall-mounted
  • IP65 protection, 25 years of service life
  • Rated voltage: single-phase AC220V, three-phase AC380V
  • Rated current: 5-250A
  • Power range: 5-120KW, other specifications can be customized
  • Altitude: 2000 meters without derating
  • Operating temperature: -25-55°C
  • Abnormal voltage protection: Over-voltage, under-voltage, voltage loss, and other protections are optional.
  • Other protections: 100% full-function testing of photovoltaic reclosers, and two-dimensional code traceability.
  • Optional cold plate plastic injection molding and 304 stainless steel sheet material cabinet
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About CFGE

Changfeng Green Energy is a high-tech enterprise that has provided C&I energy storage systems, PV solar combiner boxes, and photovoltaic system integration. With a priority sense of satisfaction through high-quality products and services, we have ensured energy system solutions since 2007.

Currently, we serve China National Power Investment, CGN, Datang, Huaneng, Huadian, and other national power generation groups, as well as private photovoltaic companies and EPC contractors.

We pursue to deliver China-made in each detail, our [Killer] ESS product is 215kWH, with Liquid Cooling, for Industrial and Commercial use. Meet Changfeng Green Energy – the new Smart Solar PV & ESS Pioneer revolutionizing the market by serving your needs well.

We are always on the path to #PowerUpTheWorld, so let’s continue to work toward this goal together!


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