Embrace the Future of Energy Storage: Thank you for visiting CFGE in Hangzhou!

Embrace the future of energy storage: Thank you for visiting Changfeng Green Energy in Hangzhou!

March 11, 2024 – March 13, 2024, CIES 14th China International Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition in Hangzhou, a successful conclusion, Changfeng Green Energy in this exhibition trip was full of harvest, and once again thank you for the presence and guidance of customers, but also thank every one of our customers for their trust and support.

Exhibition Excitement New Product Debut

On March 11, the 232kwh industrial and commercial liquid chiller jointly developed by Changfeng Green Energy and Guangzhou RJE Tech made a wonderful appearance at the 14th China International Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition.

Changfeng Green Energy undoubtedly became one of the most sought-after focal points in the pavilion. There is also an experienced technical team for the visitors to bring a detailed product introduction, but also patiently answer all kinds of questions, so that every visitor is full of harvest. The atmosphere of the scene was exceptionally hot, and many industry experts, customers, and friends as well as enthusiastic visitors stopped to watch.

Go Straight to the Scene

Fair Gala Dinner

During the exhibition, Changfeng Green Energy also organized a grand partner dinner. The dinner was to thank the partners for their long-term support and trust, and jointly discuss future cooperation opportunities and development direction, the dinner scene warm atmosphere.

At the beginning of the dinner, the senior leaders of Changfeng Green Energy Company delivered a warm speech, expressing a warm welcome and sincere thanks to all partners. After that, Guangzhou RJE Tech made a detailed introduction of the new 232KWH energy storage cabinet, which won the unanimous praise of the guests.

During the dinner, it was also made clear that Changfeng Green Energy will establish a closer strategic cooperation with Guangzhou RJE Tech. Both parties will give full play to their respective advantages in the field of green energy, jointly develop new products, expand new markets, and realize mutual benefit and win-win situation.

The exhibition not only shows customers at home and abroad the long wind green energy innovative products, proud achievements, and excellent strength but also from the Nashan as a flow, insight into the cutting-edge dynamics of the company’s future will continue to move forward, continue to craft to create better quality products, for the industry as a whole to provide more high-quality products and solutions.

About CFGE

Changfeng Green Energy is a high-tech enterprise that has provided C&I energy storage systems, PV solar combiner boxes, and photovoltaic system integration. With a priority sense of satisfaction through high-quality products and services, we have ensured energy system solutions since 2007.

Currently, we serve China National Power Investment, CGN, Datang, Huaneng, Huadian, and other national power generation groups, as well as private photovoltaic companies and EPC contractors.

We pursue to deliver China-made in each detail, our [Killer] ESS product is 215kWH, with Liquid Cooling, for Industrial and Commercial use. Meet Changfeng Green Energy – the new Smart Solar PV & ESS Pioneer revolutionizing the market by serving your needs well.

We are always on the path to #PowerUpTheWorld, so let’s continue to work toward this goal together!


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