How to Save Money with Battery Energy Storage System?

Do you want to save money by using an energy storage system? Battery energy storage systems are rechargeable components that store energy from solar arrays or electric grids and provide the stored energy to a building or home. They are essential components in electric vehicles, off-grid, and renewable energy systems. Battery storage plays a critical role in replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy.

There are various ways battery storage can help in saving money.

Using Renewable Energy

When it comes to solar or wind farms, there is no guarantee that energy production will be constant. During periods of high energy demand and low energy supply, alternative energy sources can result in financial costs that can be a heavy burden on the energy user.

To avoid unplanned expenses that can occur when renewable energy production drops, excess energy is stored in a battery and sold when demand peaks. This battery storage provides an opportunity to maximize electricity sales. As well as improve return on investment in generating assets and grid connections.

High Demand for Electricity

Times of high energy demand tend to be a challenge for grid operators and large energy users, as electricity is typically sold at high prices. With battery systems, users can reduce the cost of their electricity bills by switching to stored energy when peak rates are in effect. This is common in power markets where peak energy usage incurs huge costs.

Microgrid Power Generation

Microgrids are small networks that are designed to be autonomous and independent. To generate electricity for their users, most microgrids use renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. Having a source of backup power, such as battery systems, when solar or wind power decreases is critical and economical for microgrids. Battery banks are also to store and deliver power when needed for diesel generators or other thermal units that complement renewable energy sources in microgrid power generation. In the long run, this is a cleaner and cheaper option.

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